Breeding Improved Canada Western Amber Durum Cultivars

Lead Researcher: Dr. Yuefeng Ruan (AAFC - Swift Current)

Summary: This project will target the gaps in durum cultivar development and continue improvement of grain yield while meeting the agronomic needs of producers and quality requirements of end users. The breeding program will focus on building fusarium head blight (FHB) resistance using existing variation within adapted cultivars and will continue to transfer genes for FHB resistance from bread wheat to durum wheat. Other issues that will be addressed include maintaining or improving genetic gain for resistance to diseases including leaf, stem and stripe rusts, leaf spot, common bunt, loose smut, and to the insects including wheat stem sawfly and orange wheat blossom midge. Selection will be performed under conditions to improve tolerance to environmental threats including cold, drought and heat in new germplasm and commercial cultivars.

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